The teacher is at the heart of our institutes' pursuit of excellence.

Our teachers' qualifications and experiences drive students' engagement and academic growth.    By ensuring our teachers are spiritually mature believers, called and equipped by God with hearts for shepherding and instructing our most precious gifts: our children, our institute directs students' towards their calling. Students graduate both academically and spiritually fulfilled equipped to impact their communities, universities, and the workforce positively. 

Therefore, RWCA does not compromise on a stringent selection process, ensuring our goals as an institute are continuously achieved and obtained throughout our academy. 


Apostle Daley | Administrative Director

Mrs. Jackson | Kitchen Manager

Ms. Joseph | Assistant Principal

Mrs. Williams | Administrative Director Assistant

Mrs. Pestana | HR Director

Mrs. Hargro | Office Manager

 Mr. Webb | Transportation Coordinator

Mr. Sherwin | High School Math Teacher

Mr. DeLeo | Middle School English Teacher

 Ms. Taylor | Curriculum and Development Coordinator

Middle and High School Science Teacher

Ms. Saint | 1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Nuccio | 3rd Grade Teacher

 Ms. Smith | 2nd Grade Teacher

 Mr. Fernandez | Administrative Assistant

 Ms. Williams | Hall Monitor

Mr. Sterling | IT Help Desk Technican

Mr. Pondexter | School Bus Driver

Mrs. Mantock | Vice Principal

Mr. Daley | CFO

Pastor Barrett | Assistant Principal

Ms. Reid | Site Supervisor

Ms. Smith | Admissions Director

Ms. Ximines | Administrative Assistant

Ms. Campbell | Kitchen Assistant

Mrs. Riley-Gooden | High School English Teacher

Mr. Harper | Middle & High School History Teacher

Ms. Webster | 5th Grade Teacher

Ms. McKenna | 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Barrett | Biblical Studies Teacher

 Ms. Navas | Spanish Teacher

Ms. Walker | Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Torres | Teacher's Assistant

Ms. Millner | Teacher's Assistant

Mr. Ricketts | School Bus Driver

 Mr. Belmont | Custodian

 Ms. Watkins | School Bus Driver

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