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With COVID-19, public school students throughout Broward County and Miami-Dade County were forced to go online. There have been a series of computer hacking taking place all throughout. Broward School District in 2010 had been investigating "whether students at multiple schools hacked into computers to change grades and show work was completed when it wasn't." Now massive tech problems continue with Miami-Dade County, the nation's fourth-largest school district, reporting 12 cyber attacks that have "crippled online learning." Tens of thousands of students and teachers could not access the system, and foreign cybercriminals continuously target online classrooms.

Over 76,000 children in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade are failing their classes. If parents continue to mandate their students stay home for online learning, they must sign a form stating they know their children are failing school. Students cannot access Canvas, Word documents and cannot log into class for attendance because the system is down. Broward schools' Internet had several crashes, and they are still happening.

If students fail their classes, how is the system failing them? Yes, this season has brought various challenges and obstacles with K-12 education, but what can be done differently? RWCA's strategy and changes for this academic year are positively impacting our students' success. Providing our students with extra tutoring time after school, working towards bringing them to grade level, and implementing study hall in the mornings has helped students improve their grades. RWCA also facilitated access to electronic devices for students giving them the option to buy or rent one before the school year began.

Rhema Word Christian Academy is investing time and efforts for students to succeed during this tough session for all teachers, educators, and academic administrators. We have doubled our efforts to elevate our students to achieve academic success and advised parents to work alongside RWCA because their future is their children's future. And we will continue to develop new methods and implement new strategies for our students to succeed this academic year and for years to come, because when they succeed, we succeed!






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